Passive Cooling Coils

AIA Passive Cooling for Low Impact Storage

Use ‘AIA’ passive cooling coils for storage or delicate and perishable products

Retain their natural fragrance and minimise product deterioration within a cooling environment.

  • Product quality is maintained by virtue of the fact that dehydration is minimised.
  • AIA Passive Gravity coldroom coolers without fans, are energy efficient.
  • AIA natural convection gravity coolers create no draught.
  • The profitability  is increased because of minimal wastage.
  • Product will maintain its condition and natural fragrance.
  • Address the ‘green issue’, AIA gravity coils are available for Secondary Refrigerant System (SRS) installations.

Should you or your engineers be interested in such equipment, please give us a call.

SRS would welcome the opportunity of discussing our equipment with you.