SRS High Efficiency Products

SRS High Efficiency Products

The world around us is changing with markets moving towards buildings with higher environmental performance. It is our mission to reduce the cost to both business and the environment by creating sustainable design solutions incorporating low carbon energy systems without the use of synthetic HFC refrigerants.

With the increasing demands for low energy and efficient chiller systems with low GWP and low CO2 carbon emissions SRS Frigadon can now offer the new R1270 natural refrigerant chiller.

This new SRS Frigadon FWC 2000-870-HC with a GWP = ticks all the right boxes.

  • Historically the FWC SRS Frigadon chillers manufactured in Sweden utilising the R1270 natural refrigerant have been available within the UK market for a number of years but now recognising the need due to the increasing demands for environmentally friendly chiller systems the company has further developed its range to include larger packaged units of up to 450kW for air conditioning applications.
  • The success of these hydrocarbon natural refrigerant chillers is manifested by the contracts received one of which was the prestigious Meadowhall Shopping Centre, Sheffield where SRS supplied 36 x FWC chillers of varying cooling duties providing a combined total of 4.2m Watts.
  • Further success stories include Roche Pharmaceutics with installations in Germany USA and Ireland, Mansfield’s Fruit Farms, Thanet Earth, Novo Pharmaceuticals, Braehead Foods at Kilmarnock and now with new installations at Brixham Fish Market and the Liverpool Fruit Terminal will give further confidence to the industry with such quality engineered systems.
  • Further supply contacts include the new NHS Chesterton project specified by the Kut Partnership. The equipment being installed is the 120kW model FWC 2000-870-HC chiller with a COP of 5.4 and taking into account the fans and pumps the COP being 4.6.

The higher the COP, the higher the efficiency of the equipment

The COP is the ratio of the work or useful energy output of a system versus the amount of work or energy put in to the system as determined by using the same energy equivalents for energy in and out. COP is used as a measure of the steady state performance or energy efficiency of heating, cooling, and refrigeration

Logistical benefits

External weather proofed pre-assembled packaged air cooled Secondary Refrigerants Systems (SRS) Frigadon chillers are all pre-tested at the Frigadon factory in Sweden before delivery which then minimises the actual installation programme, eliminate time wasted de-bugging and reduce actual on site commissioning time.

SRS Frigadon chillers are designed and engineered to meet the stringiest of requirements and are manufactured complete with compressors, heat exchangers, condensers with speed controlled fans, all hydronics, variable speed stainless steel pumps and hydrophobic condenser protection.

The unique Frigadon electrical control panels are designed and engineered to meet the stringent safety demands for such HC refrigerant gases.

Hydrocarbon natural refrigerant R1270

Whilst R404a synthetic refrigerants are now not recognized as being environmentally friendly due to their high global warming potential (3863 kg/CO2 equivalent) hence the reason for using the hydrocarbon natural refrigerant R1270 (3 kg/CO2 equivalent).

With the enhanced COP (Co-efficient of Performance) associated with the R1270 SRS Frigadon chillers provides increased performance and ensures minimal energy consumption.

Discerning end users, consultant engineers and refrigeration contractors are increasing their demands for reliable energy efficient and environmentally friendly systems thus specifying the use of such natural refrigerants.

Unique Frigadon engineering design

Frigadon ‘in house’ design expertise has enabled the company to develop its current range of hydrocarbon (HC) chillers from 10kW up to 450kW.

This is based on engineering ‘know how’ and the correct selection of components which has proven to be a contributory part of its unique design.

In addition to the HC natural refrigerants to ensure the machine’s COP (Co- efficiency of Performance) the deployment of the variable speed inverter Grundfos pumps provides further energy savings based on demand. In general all the major SRS Frigadon customers now specify the use of hydrocarbon natural refrigerants.

Global Distributor for HYCOOL®

In addition to it being the UK supplier of Frigadon manufactured products the company is also a principle global distributor for HYCOOL® potassium formate heat transfer fluids manufactured by Hydro Chemicals.

AIA heat exchanger coils, dry coolers, condensers etc manufactured by ‘Asarum Industries AB’ of Sweden for commercial and industrial applications are also distributed by SRS Frigadon Ltd.

The success of Frigadon AB which has been established since 1977 with its manufacturing base in Halmstad, Sweden is demonstrated by its engineering skills, the products is produces and its varied customer base.

Compliances of SRS Frigadon chillers

  • Compliant with PED 97/23/EC, Pressure Equipment Directive
  • Compliant with EN 378, Health & Safety Standards
  • Compliant with IEC 79-15 (1987)
  • EC 98/37/CE Machinery