SRS Technical Advantages

SRS Technical Advantages

Technical, Environmental and Economic Advantages with Secondary Refrigerant Systems for the Food Processing Industry

Whilst SRS (Secondary Refrigerant System) is not a new concept in refrigeration engineering, the industry is facing the challenge of phasing out the use of HFC volatile refrigerant gases in search of more efficient methods of reducing the adverse environmental effects of synthetic refrigerants and carbon emissions.

The results of this are proving that the economics in terms of energy usage and plant performance of such engineering are extremely viable and are due to the combination of the efficiencies of all parts which are determined by compressors, coils, heat transfer fluids as well as valves, pumps, piping, insulation and other parts of the system and the design concept by which it is all brought together.

Reliable systems are dependant on simplicity and the SRS systems are designed to achieve this by utilising quality components, high performance natural primary refrigerants, the most efficient heat transfer fluids and AIA coils.

Hycool® Fluids heat transfer fluids being food safe and biodegradable have minimal adverse ecological and global impact and therefore SRS installations with pressures as low as 2bar throughout the entire pipe work and coils will ensure safe and environmentally responsible energy efficient refrigeration systems.

The SRS Frigadon chillers are designed and engineered for the hydrocarbon natural refrigerants in the primary circuit thus totally removing the dependency upon the conventional synthetic HFC refrigerant gases such as R404A.

The proven performance of such system engineering together with its green credentials has given the industry further confidence thus paving the way for more food processors, growers and distributors to consider installing these economic and environmentally friendly refrigeration systems.

Achieve the BREEAM points with SRS engineered Hycool (GWP =0) cooled systems incorporating Frigadon natural refrigerant R1270 chillers (GWP = <3).

The increased application of this technology will bring with it many technical and safety issues and therefore in the interest of the industry, SRS Frigadon Ltd will make available as much technical and safety information as possible.