About us

High Efficiency & Low Climatic Impact

SRS Frigadon ltd specialise in environmentally friendly refrigeration and freezing units for industry worldwide.

Founded in 2001 SRS Frigadon have spent the last 20+ years developing an ever expanding range of cutting edge hydrocarbon natural refrigerant equipment with our partners at Frigadon AB, Sweden
The ever growing need for high quality, reliable and low climatic impact cooling solutions has driven us to design and build a large variety of bespoke cooling units for a multitude of end uses, all tailormade to our customers exacting requirements.
Supplying globally to all types of industry, our clients range from food and agriculture producers and processors to vehicle manufacturers, pharmaceuticals and many more.
Our aim is to provide our customers with a green alternative to traditional refrigeration systems, by producing equipment and system designs that allow for the most intelligent and efficient use of energy built on a reliable, robust and flexible refrigeration platform.
Customers include Nestlé, Roche Pharmacueticals, Co-op Group, BP, ASDA



SRS Policy Statement

In line with the nature of the equipment that is supplied by SRS Frigadon Ltd (formally SRS Components) the company operates in such a manner that is consistent with the need to support the Government’s Climate Change Programme and the policies advocated in the Kyoto Protocol.

Furthermore the company’s trading policy is to ensure that our clients are supplied with such Environmentally Friendly equipment so they too can respond to the environmental challenge.

The design of our products is to have the minimum adverse effect on the environment throughout their entire life cycle and we will promote the correct and appropriate use of our products by means of training aimed at minimising pollution and risks. It is our mission to reduce the cost to both your business and the environment by creating sustainable design solutions incorporating low carbon energy efficient refrigeration systems. We encourage and address the necessary balance between environmental responsibility verses cost and technical performance, designing low-energy sustainable solutions which deliver results without compromise to our future generations.